Bonhomme Hospitality Group’s Porto is a love letter to the fishing villages and farmsteads along the Atlantic Coast of Portugal and Galicia in northwestern Spain, showcasing the wine, seafood and conservas from this delicious corner of the world. Fresh, wild-caught fish imported weekly from Galicia and Portugal is prepared over wood and binchotan charcoal in one of two open-flame kitchens. Aging, curing and smoking are incorporated to ensure fresh fish can be enjoyed later into the year despite fishing seasons coming to a close. Conservas from premiere purveyors in Spain and Portugal are presented in creative ways, while still highlighting their unique and delicate flavors. Porto’s wine list focuses on Iberian varietals from winemakers Bonhomme team members have visited over the years, including many that inherently adhere to natural wine-making techniques. Woven harmoniously throughout every surface of Porto are artistic elements drawn from Europe’s visual arts legacy and physical elements that romanticize the sea.




Tue. - Sat. 4pm-10pm

Bar closes at 9pm per city guidelines

Sunday Ticketed Experience